Haribo Dinosaurs


Haribo Dino’s (Halal)


Haribo Dinosaurs

As a leading FMCG trading and distribution company. Tropi Tradings is committed to bringing the best products to its customers around the world. One of our latest offerings is Haribo Dinosaurs. A delicious and fun treat for all ages.

Haribo is a well-known and beloved brand worldwide, and their Dinosaurs are a particularly popular choice. These gummy candies come in a variety of dinosaur shapes and bright colors. Making them a favorite among kids and adults alike. They’re perfect for snacking on the go, sharing with friends, or adding a touch of fun to any party or event.

At Tropi Tradings

we understand that our customers want quality products that are both tasty and affordable. That’s why we’ve partnered with Haribo to bring you Dinosaurs that are made with only the best ingredients, ensuring a high-quality and delicious taste that you won’t find in any other gummy candy.

Our FMCG import worldwide trading company has a reputation for bringing in the best products from around the globe, and Haribo Dinosaurs are no exception. We work closely with our partners to ensure that every product we offer meets our high standards for quality and taste.

If you’re looking for a fun and tasty treat that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, Haribo Dinosaurs are the perfect choice. And with Tropi Tradings as your trusted FMCG trading company. You can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible product at the best possible price.

Whether you’re a retailer looking to stock your shelves with popular and delicious products or an individual who simply loves gummy candy. Tropi Tradings is your go-to FMCG trading and distribution company. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, and we’re confident that our Haribo Dinosaurs will become a favorite among our customers.

So why wait

Contact us today to learn more about our Haribo Dinosaurs and our other great products. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have and to help you find the perfect products to meet your needs. With Tropi Tradings, you can trust that you’re getting the best possible FMCG trading company experience.

  • FUN DINO SHAPES IN EVERY BAG: Haribo Dinosaurs are a fan favourite for kids and feature different fun dino shapes for your little paleontologist.
  • 5 DELICIOUS FLAVOURS: Our Dinosaurs gummies come in 5 delicious, fruity flavours including peach, raspberry, melon, apple, and lemon. Everyone is sure to find a favourite in this mix!
  • A FUN FAVOURITE FOR KIDS: Haribo Dinosaurs 175g bag makes a fantastic treat for sharing, snacking or watching dino movies. Bring them to your next party and watch them disappear.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS: Haribo’s Dinosaurs gummies are made without the use of artificial colours. So you can feel good about treating yourself or your family any day of the week.
  • 100 YEARS OF HARIBO: Haribo products were born in a home kitchen in 1920. Quality and consistency have always been our top priorities. So you know your next gummy candy will be as good as your first.



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