Chocolate products

We are a FMCG Distributor of chocolate products, providing wholesale chocolate products to businesses across the globe. We import and export chocolate products to more than 100 countries, and we’ve been doing it for more than 10 years.

Our distribution service is second to none: we have a dedicated team of professionals who take care of every aspect of the supply chain. From sourcing new suppliers and negotiating prices with them, to managing quality control, packaging design, shipping logistics, and delivery—we handle it all ourselves with an eye for detail.

We also have an extensive range of famous chocolate brands in our portfolio: Hershey’s Kisses®, Cadbury Dairy Milk®, Kit Kat®, M&M’s®, Toblerone® and Ferrero Rocher® are just a few examples. We can cater to any requirement you might have for these products or any others within our range.